Time To Say Goodbye

To all my wonderful friends that have followed me, and shared things with me, etc. through these years. I am no longer reviewing books or doing book tours on this blog any longer, so I am closing this blog down. But.....

There is some good news. I have started two new blogs, both are geared towards books.  Both blogs will host book tours, reveals, blitz, promos, etc. I also run some great giveaways on both blogs as well, plus hosted giveaways from book tours, and other blogger buddies. I also run hosted giveaways that offer some good $, now who doesn't like to win some big bucks, like $250?  

I do hope you will come and visit me and say hello, and maybe follow my new blogs. I sure would love to have my wonderful friends back following along on my new journey. And I always enjoy making new friends too, so come along and happy reading! 😉

God bless you all and thank you ALL for the many years of love 💗 and support you have given me.

Jody 💗


  1. Looking forward to the new blog! Good luck on your new endeavor!

    1. I just came back to this blog after all this time has passed and seen your comment awaiting to be posted Fee. Thank you so much honey, boy I have been busy. It's been forever since we have talked. I am usually hanging out on my blogger blog, if not I am on Wordpress. I have been trying to promote the heck out of both of them so I have been bouncing back and forth here lately. I was thinking about moving the blogger blog to Wordpress, but I don't think I am going to, not yet anyway 😵
      I hope you would stop by both of them and let me know what you think of them. I hope you are doing well honey, have a wonderful day 😉


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