Book Tour Of Am I Going To Be Okay By Debra Whittam

Am I Going To Be Okay? Weathering the Storms of Mental Illness, Addiction and Grief
Author: Debra Whittam
Publisher: Turning Point International
Pages: 253
Genre: Memoir/Women’s Psychology/Applied Psychology
Am I Going To Be Okay? is an American
story with a universal message. Ms. Whittam
traces her history in the form of
stories about her all too human, and sometimes unhinged family; she throws a rope
to the little girl living there, and in adulthood, is able to pull her out to
safety, bit by bit. Her history is peopled with folks from a different
time, a time before therapy was acceptable, 12 steps unimaginable and harsh
words, backhands and even harsher silences can be spun to appear almost normal.
She writes of a mother who would not or could not initiate love nor give it
without condition, and a father, damn near heroic at times, abusive at others,
a survivor with his head down and his sleeves rolled up. Ms. Whittam approaches her past with the 
clear-eyed tough but sensitive objectivity necessary to untangle the shame from the
source. She speaks of the people that affected her life so deeply with an
understanding of their time and place in American culture; a family not far
removed from immigrant roots when men carried their own water, emoted misplaced
anger, and with fresh socks and food found on the trail, were confident,
unflinching and at that same time tragical- ly failing to the little ones they ignored.
Like many of us, details notwithstanding, Whittam responded by numbing, running and gunning. 
Alcohol gave her hope, soothed a crushed soul for a time and wrecked her on a train, until finally she 
had the courage to accept it wasn’t working for her anymore. It was time to stop
drinking and take inventory and accountability. It was time to accept, forgive
and move forward. She healed where she was broken. 
It is in the telling of this story that Whittam
teaches us the difference between just surviving and surviving well, the
importance of shared introspection and a careful eye on the wake we leave
behind in our actions. Her story is a guide to surviving abuse and addiction.
It is also about witnessing and dealing with the shrinking faculties of aging
parents in the unavoidable circle of life. Finally, she offers a realistic
sense of hope, forgiveness and a life we can shake hands with. 

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  • Book Excerpt:
    In my therapist’s office, during my first year of
    recovery from alcoholism, I saw one of her graduate school psychology books on
    her bookshelf. It was sitting alongside many of her self-help books which I had
    borrowed during the past year. I read several hoping to find a cure from my
    irrepressible anxiety that I had previously drunk away. I imagined the wordy
    text was far from my ability to comprehend as I was at that time only able to
    retain small bits of information. I asked my therapist if I could borrow that
    college text titled “Human Growth and Development.” I read it from cover to
    cover within a short amount of time and surprisingly, was able to digest and
    retain it. I had to quit doubting my ability. Being hard on myself was no
    longer the answer. I wanted more.
    That following summer I enrolled in a graduate course
    of the same name. I wanted to see if I could retain enough material to pass a
    higher level learning class. I loved it and I got an A.
    No longer living in a world governed by my need to
    numb myself through copious amounts of alcohol, I started doing what I wanted
    to do with my life. Encountering the self-doubt I had always carried within me
    became the guidepost by which I continued to prove my “what ifs” unnecessary in

    Letting go of fear suggests we “just breathe” and 
    be ourselves. Thee “how” of being okay is within these pages and within yourself.
    Stop listening to the repeated echoes of old messages in your head, messages
    like “You’ve done it again,” “You aren’t good enough,” “You should just give
    up.” These messages cause you to doubt yourself. Instead, listen to the other
    voice inside which says, “You can do this,” “There is a way.” Don’t ignore it.
    Don’t push it away. Don’t argue with it. That voice is there, even if you can’t
    hear it and I am here to help you find it. I look forward to hearing you say,
    “I AM going to be okay.”

    About the Author
    Debra Whittam is a licensed, practicing mental health
    therapist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
    who specializes in addiction, anxiety and depression, grief and loss. Whittam
    is passionate about her work in all areas of her specialties, especially
    addiction. Working in a detox unit for over three years before beginning her
    own private practice, Whittam realized, while counseling patients in the life
    and death arena of the detox unit, how much the loss of a beloved through death
    or a relationship impacted those struggling with addiction.
    In this memoir, Whittam skillfully infuses her
    memories, stories and professional insights to remind us that the most
    important relationship we will ever have is with ourselves. She splits her time
    between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
    the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New
     York and Paris, France.
    I Going To Be Okay? Weathering the Storms of Mental Illness, Addiction and
    is her first book.

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