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Author Robert Germaux returns to his detective novel writing roots with his latest suspenseful thriller

“Hard Court”. He unveils the much awaited book cover
during a Cover Reveal event scheduled for March 7, 2016.


February 10, 2016 – Robert Germaux is back and better than ever. After a brief venture into romance novel writing with “The Backup Husband”, Bob introduces readers to Jeremy Barnes
(JB to his friends) in his new novel, “Hard Court”, which is set to release on April 11, 2016.
JB is a likable character, who can quote Shakespeare as quickly and easily as he can land a solid left jab. He uses his wits and his ever-present sense of humor to wend his way through a cast of characters who range from the ridiculously inept to the ruthlessly lethal. When he’s contacted by Miles Bradshaw, the dot-com billionaire owner of Pittsburgh’s first NBA franchise, JB looks into what appears to be a simple case of harassment of one of the team’s players. But the case soon proves to be anything but simple, eventually involving a local businessman with suspected criminal ties, a major FBI task force, a computer geek in California and a mob boss in Erie. Coming in at just over 400 eBook pages, “Hard Court” is jam-packed with numerous surprises and plot twists, culminating in a dramatic confrontation that neither JB nor the reader could have predicted.

The Cover Reveal will be shared on March 7, 2016, via several blogging host sites, as well as on the main Cover Reveal page on Susan Barton’s book marketing website, My Book Tour. Ms. Barton has plans for a full book tour in April, after “Hard Court” is released on April 11, 2016.
“Hard Court” will be priced at just 2.99 for Kindle on Amazon.com. Print copies will follow soon after. More information can be found on Robert Germaux’s 

Amazon Author Page

Robert Germaux encourages readers to find out more about him and his books on his author website. He’s available for author guest posts and interviews and can be contacted via his author website or via Susan Barton.

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