Book Tour Of A Country Girl From Croaker By Phyllis Garrett


A Country Girl From Croaker is the amazing story of a small-town girl who finally found courage to speak out against decades of buried wrongs, aided by her faith in God and the support of family and community.”  She kept their secrets as long as she could
until it was too much to bear.  A touching memoir of Love, Betrayal, and faith.


“In 1937, the rural community of Croaker, Virginia, was a small place with a funny name. It was named after a fish—the Atlantic Croaker is found in abundance in these parts.” “It was a somewhat isolated community in those days; no paved roads yet connected Croaker with the city of Williamsburg, 15 miles to the East. Families traveled to and from Croaker on dusty roads rutted by weather, and traveling by horse and horse-drawn wagon was still commonplace.”

Author Bio:

On December 27, 1937, I was born in the rural community of Croaker, Virginia located in the county of James City the Original county of the state of Virginia.  Delivered by my beloved Grandma and the country Doctor on a snowy December night in a three room house with no electricity or running water.  For many years I have had the desire to write about my life.  I wanted my children to know and understand the roots of our family, and to gain a better understanding of their mother…

My accomplishments include raising three wonderful children, traveling the world, a Bronze Champion Competitive Ballroom Dancer and finishing my memoir. 

Facebook: phyllisgt@msn.com (Phyllis Garrett taylor)

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