Book Review #74 - Lizzy & Jane By Katherine Reay


Lizzy and Jane couldn’t be further from Jane Austen’s famous sisters for whom they are named.
Elizabeth left her family’s home in Seattle fifteen years ago to pursue her lifelong dream—chefing her own restaurant in New York City. Jane stayed behind to raise a family. Estranged since their mother’s death many years ago, the circumstances of their lives are about to bring them together once again.
Known for her absolute command of her culinary domain, Elizabeth’s gifts in the kitchen have begun to elude her. And patrons and reviewers are noticing. In need of some rest and an opportunity to recover her passion for cooking, Elizabeth jumps at the excuse to rush to her sister’s bedside when Jane is diagnosed with cancer. After all, Elizabeth did the same for their mother. Perhaps this time, it will make a difference.
As Elizabeth pours her renewed energy into her sister’s care and into her burgeoning interest in Nick, Jane’s handsome coworker, her life begins to evolve from the singular pursuit of her own dream into the beautiful world of family, food, literature, and love that was shattered when she and Jane lost their mother. Will she stay and become Lizzy to her sister’s Jane—and Elizabeth to Nick’s Mr. Darcy—or will she return to the life she has worked so hard to create?

My Take On This Book:

This book is a slow read, lots of the main character sorting out her feelings. If you are a foodie and love to read stories based on food and family, then you will love this book. For me it was just okay. I did enjoy when I did get to read the parts about the sister’s lives as they were growing up and their relationship at the present time, but there is not a whole lot of that you will read, for me it was too much about being a chef and food! Lizzy comes home to not only help her sister, but to find herself again. She's been running Feast, a top restaurant in New York, but she's lost her focus. In caring for her sister, Jane, she finds herself and a new way to cook to help patients suffering with cancer. Food, family, and relationships are ultimately at the heart of this novel, which shows the often-overlooked link between the three subjects. 

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson part of the Book Look review bloggers program, for my honest and un-biased opinion.

I gave it ***
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