Comfort Of Fences By Stacy Overman Morrison Book Tour

Publisher: Telemachus Press (October 17, 2013)
Category: Contemporary Fiction/ Women’s Fiction/ Family Saga
Tour Date: April, 2014
ISBN: 978-1939927569
Available in: Print & ebook,  244 Pages
Comfort of Fences explores the unconditional love between a trio of women: Ruth, the matriarch and builder of boundaries; Denise, her special-needs adult daughter with powerful secrets of her own; and Georgia, Ruth’s best friend and source of strength and practicality. The dynamics of their relationships expose the ironies that the people we love the most can also
be the people we most underestimate and that the strongest of loves has nothing to do with romance.

Author Bio:

Stacy Overman Morrison was born and raised in Texas. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Arts degrees in English from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. Upon completion of her Master’s, she taught secondary English and adjuncted at the University. She took time off from her teaching career after the birth of her second daughter and has pursued her writing since. She continues to live in Texas with her husband, two daughters, two dogs, and two horses. This is her first novel and she is hard at work listening to the voices of her characters in her second.
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I walked to David’s room and paused outside the door to take a deep breath. I still felt likeI was dreaming so I bit my finger, hard. Convinced this was not some crazy nightmare, I pushed the door open and slid inside.Blood now saturated the bandage on his head, so I pushed the button for the nurse and waited, feeling useless as if I should be doing something. The nurse saw the bloody bandage as soon as she walked in. “Visiting hours are over for the evening, ma’am. You’re gonna have to leave.” She rushed past me to the nurse’s station. I picked up David’s hand, and put it to my lips. I wondered why they were undamaged, flawless, when the accident had mangled the rest of his body. It must have been the riding gloves; the only time he wore them was when it was cold outside. I leaned down until my lips were right at his ear. “I have to go now David. Denise and I are going home. I’ll be back tomorrow. Be strong, honey. Please. Denise needs you.” I wanted to tell him I loved him, but I couldn’t climb over the anger and bring myself to, so I turned and walked away. He died at two o’clock in the morning, almost 24 hours exactly from the time of his accident. They said it was because they couldn’t stop the swelling in his brain, but I knew it was more than that. He didn’t want to be here anymore, and I did not return the favor of love when he lay bleeding in a hospital bed. The hospital staff removed all the tubes and bandages and then left me alone with his body. I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to say goodbye. First, I walked in circles around the gurney and looked at him from every angle. One foot stuck out from under the sheet and I thought of him bending over and putting on his socks in the mornings. The black hair on the toe knuckles, the now useless protective callus on his big toe, the beautiful arch of his foot. I’d never before noticed the graceful slope of that arch. I held his foot in my hand and rubbed the cold dry skin. I cried not because I loved him, but because I wanted to so badly. I had wanted to be his dream, and for him to be mine, but all we found was that we didn’t fit. Sometimes good is not good enough. I traced the arch, lightly ran my fingertip up the ankle bone to the purple bruise that marred his broken shin. I anointed him with the holiest water I had: my tears. I avoided looking under the sheet. They told me about the surgeries, and I had no desire to see his body hacked up and oozing. Instead I looked at his face and saw that his beautiful black hair was gone. Stitches held together the gaping hole in his skull where they had drilled a hole to relieve the pressure in his swelling brain. One eye was partially open and the blue iris was nearly obliterated by the red of burst blood vessels. His lips were cracked and swollen, and out of sheer habit, I searched my pockets for Vaseline. His lips were always chapped from riding that bike. I quit searching my pockets, while realizing in increments that he was dead.I pulled the sheet over his foot. One part of me knew that he couldn’t feel cold anymore but the rest of me still floundered in denial. I was not yet comfortable with my titles of wife and mother; now I was a widow. Another title fate bestowed me at too young an age.I thought about regrets, about how looking back is always clearer than the moment change occurs. In twenty years, in two days, what would I wish I had done differently? I kissed him on the lips for myself, and on the tip of his skinned nose for Denise. I squeezed his hand one last time for everyone who had ever loved him, and I whispered all of our goodbyes.

Praise for Comfort of Fences:
“I enjoyed reading Stacy’s book very much. It was a very strong story of a mother’s love for her daughter from birth to adulthood and how being protective can be a double edged sword. I don’t want to give too much away so I won’t go into detail. If you are or have ever been a single mother, this story will hit home with you however, that doesn’t mean that any mother wouldn’t appreciate what a mother does for her child. From my own personal experiences so many years ago, it’s also a story about how friends can come through when family doesn’t. All I can say is read it!! You won’t be disappointed!”-Barbara, This and That, As I Bounce Thru Life
“The dynamics of mother and daughter, the ties that bind together family and friends, the way we try to protect ourselves and the ones we love from pain suffering only to realize that we’ve isolated ourselves… These themes and so much more resonate through this very powerful book that stands as a wonderful and unique pillar in the women’s fiction genre.  Ruth is an unforgettable character and as you follow her on the long and trying journey of her life, watching the difficult and often infuriating choices she makes (which of course are always for the right reasons, at least to her), you get the sense that she is a very real person. The same goes for the other characters in the book, Georgia and Denise. You laugh and cry with them. You don’t want it to end. I appreciate the vibrancy and the wisdom with which Morrison writes, and the way she weaves together a tapestry of textures that imprint themselves on your mind and stay there for the long haul. I guarantee five years down the road, you’ll still remember Ruth and Denise.”-Allison Dickson, Author
“I am always searching for a book that I can fall into; one that wraps itself around me like a warm, comfy blanket that doesn’t let me escape so easily from its soothing fibers. Stacy Overman Morrison’s novel, Comfort of Fences, pulled me in from the very first paragraph and kept me intrigued into the wee morning hours. This is a story about the intensity of relationships that weather life’s most difficult battles. In today’s literature, there are so many weak female characters that it was refreshing to find three female protagonists that exemplified strength, yet conveyed a myriad of emotions that made them as familiar to you as your own mother, daughter, or best friend. If you are looking for an honest tale that makes your heart sing and cry at the same time, this is the novel for you. Comfort of Fences is a smart novel that will leave you examining your own female relationships.”-Piper Punches, Author
“In writing her novel, “Comfort of Fences,” Midland author Stacy Overman Morrison has reached a higher level of literary expertise. She moves the reader emotionally as nuanced feelings either suppressed or forgotten rise from what the characters say, feel or experience.  Morrison’s writing style is such that when Ruth speaks the reader feels a two-way conversation with her. When she is speaking to a third person, the reader is included as a witness to what’s being said. Denise is an absolute delight with not only wit but simple logic and wisdom. Then, there is Georgia, the outside anchor of unwavering friendship, who is practical and there to help when stress peaks or emergency arises.  Even as these players may be so characterized, there is an irony that underlies the unconditional love between this trio of women. The people we love the most can also be the people we most underestimate. You will recognize this underlying current when you read the book, and read it you must. “Comfort of Fences” will touch your deepest emotions, yet comfort you with real-life understanding.”-Glen Aaron, My West Texas

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