Book Review #90 - Forgiveness By Matthew West


Whether giving or receiving, forgiveness is the key toward true healing and blessing.

God says there are no limits to forgiveness toward others or ourselves. And when Matthew West set out on a journey asking people to share their true life stories, Renée shared about how she chose to forgive the drunk driver who hit and killed her daughter.

This remarkable story and others like it bring peace and healing to the one needing and the ones giving forgiveness. Fifty powerful stories share forgiveness through divorce, betrayal, addiction, abandonment, death, and more. Each story ties into the promises of God’s faithfulness and healing, and ends with the story of God’s ultimate forgiveness through the message of salvation.

My Take On This Book:

For a small book it sure packed allot of surreal moments in it. I have always had probably just like many of us a hard time with forgiveness both ways, myself or the other person. This book offers stories of different people with different stories and situations of forgiveness. 

To be honest my absolute favorite part of the book was the forward written by Karen Kingsbury. She writes of a moment when herself and her husband Donald were hosting their regular Wednesday night Bible study when she meant a lady she called Kathy, instantly Karen said she felt a crazy encompassing peace that Kathy carried with her .

Kathy introduced herself to the group and spoke of having been married for twenty-one years to the love of her life, she said "the greatest man she ever knew". Kathy went on to tell the group that her and her husband both shared a very deep faith in God. They married young and together raised two children a boy and a girl. 

Karen said "the longer Kathy spoke of her husband Tom the more uneasy she was starting to feel". A deep sadness came over Kathy and she said" I lost my Tom a year ago when a friend of his from work shot him and killed him". So Kathy said "she felt it was time for her to get back to a Bible study, so here I am".  

Karen "said silence followed" and finally someone had asked Kathy what happened and she went on to tell her story. That was the most powerful story of forgiveness I have ever read. Talk about your petty forgiveness you may be carrying around, or maybe you have a story such as Kathy's . But we can all forgive, it takes prayer, consistent non-stop prayer. And a good Bible study on forgiveness would be great too. 

I wasn't going to go any further with my story because I want you to be just as moved as I was by this book, and believe me you will be. 

I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson part of the Booksneeze review bloggers program, for my honest and un-biased opinion.

I gave it *****

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