What Every Woman Should Know By Jori Sams Book Tour


What was God thinking when He made man and woman? Are they really created equal? Is the church today in divine and biblical order regarding equality?

Author Jori Sams has accomplished a remarkable feat in this eBook. With such eloquence and precision, she takes us on a necessary journey back to the beginning to unpack some of life’s most challenging questions for women, using Scripture to support her beliefs. See the effects of society on the role
of women over the ages. Find hope and inspiration. The journey of discovery may surprise you and set you free.

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Author Bio:

Freelance Writer Jori Sams grew up in the Chicago Suburbs. Many years later she packed her bags and headed for the sunny land of Arizona. Since then, she has lived in several different states and five different countries, giving her a palette full of color, diversity and plenty of choices to write about.

The dimensions of her writing and creative abilities are deep. Sams has most recently been a featured journalist for YAHOO! and has more than 1,500 published pieces with YAHOO! alone. The author has put her hand to many genres including fiction, non-fiction, children's stories, poetry, Bible studies and music. The central basis for all she does is anchored around her faith in God.

Sams enjoys a wide selection of leisure activities including hiking, swimming, skiing, traveling, cooking, music, fine arts, painting, fruit and nut picking and rock hounding.

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