The Book Lover's Journal: My Personal Reading Record (Spiral-bound) & FREE 4 CD Set Of Obedience By Joyce Meyer

Record all the books you have read. This is an awesome item if you are in a book challenge. You will also receive a BRAND NEW CD SET by Joyce Meyer Of Her NEW collection 'OBEDIENCE FOLLOWING THE NARROW PATH TO THE GREATEST LIFE'.

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God loves us no matter what, but if we want to be truly happy, we must learn to obey Him. Too often, peer pressure, pop culture and our own selfish desires lure us into behavior and lifestyles that conflict with His Word.

This four CD teaching examines keys to godly living and the attitudes we must adopt to enjoy peaceful, abundant lives.

Learn how to…

  • Keep a “Kingdom” perspective in a selfish, materialistic work

  • Recognize and break free of rebellious attitudes

  • Leverage the discipline and self-control already inside you

  • Make obedience your number one priority and experience His best for your life!

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