My Review & Book Giveaway Of Island Eyes, Island Skies By Richard Levine

From The Back Cover:

While at her cousin's birthday party, young D.C. meets Rob. They have a great time and promise to meet again over the summer, but a father's untimely death and a mother's miscarriage keep them apart. Reunited at school, smart-alecky D.C. and introspective Rob slowly form a bond, as they share time, adventures and sporting activities together; they also share thoughts about the workings of the mind and nature, and observations about the quirky qualities of certain members of their own families. When tragedy strikes again, they try to come to terms with what it leaves behind, struggling to accept the uncompromising, unidirectional nature of time. In the end though, separately, they come to believe in the future and the second chances it will bring.

My Take On This Book:

This is a story of two pre-teens and their friendships with one another that help them get through life as well as some personal tragedies.

D.C. Blau and her family live in New Wellington but move to Old Westwood. It is summer in Long Island and D.C. goes to party at her Cousin Becky’s house. D.C. feels like the too tall out of town girl, and wears a bright yellow shirt with a rainbow lollipop on it, which makes her stand out that much more.

While at her Cousins party, she tells her Cousin Becky she thinks Rob is cute. Rob a very shy bashful dwarf, which D.C. calls all of the boys at the party, but unlike all the other dwarfs Rob is allot quitter that the other dwarfs that at the party. While D.C. is in the bathroom everyone spreads the word (via her Cousin), that D.C. likes Rob.

Rob and D.C. end up dancing at the party. When the party ends, they promise to meet up again over the summer. However, tragedies in both families make this almost impossible for them to get together.

As the new school year begins, their paths continue to cross and a friendship begins to ensue, that start sharing school projects, nature walks. As the two develop a friendship, tragic and joyous similarities in their lives reveal themselves.

Richard writes this in the first person narratives, alternating between D.C. and Rob. However, as the story develops a few other narratives enter the picture as the story progresses. This is a touching story about friendship, life and two friends coping with the tragedies that come their way. I would recommend this book to teens and adults alike.

I would like to thank Richard for giving me the opportunity to read and review his book. I would also like to thank him for sending me a book to giveaway to my readers.

About The Author:

Richard Levine grew up on Long Island and attended Vassar College and New York Medical College. He practiced Diagnostic Radiology for many years in northern New Jersey, where he still lives with his wife and two daughters.

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  1. I've never read any Richard Levine, but I would LOVE to start!


  2. Meghan,
    This is a very good book too Meghan. It's very different from what I normally read, but it was you can't put it down book!

    Good luck to you :-)

    God bless,


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