My Book Review Of 'My Journey To Heaven And Back' By Rebecca Meyers


My Journey To Heaven And Back is a love story where a husband's love was able to reach into eternity and grab back his wife from the jaw's of death. Rebecca describes her near death experience into a celestial atmosphere and being ushered to heaven's door. Her dilemma of choosing to stay in this peaceful, joyful and exceeding love or to return to a world of craziness intertwined with the love she adored. Her soul mate's pleas for her return was the cause of her decision. Rebecca takes the reader on a journey of her own life's difficulties and the numerous times she should have met her fate with death, but was in fact, spared.

My Take On This Book:

Rebecca talks about feeling like a cat because she defied death so many times, well actually more than a cat, because a cat only is supposed to have nine lives. I love how Rebecca talks of her relationship between herself and her husband, they found their soul mates in one another, their love had a very strong bond, and God was the glue that held it together.

I was shocked how many times Myers actually beat death. The times she had surgery and her incision got an infection in it and she had to have it left open and packed daily and her dear sweet husband took care of her and nursed her back to health. Gene really was a gift from God for Rebecca.

This is a wonderful story of despair, hope, love and beating all the odds and resting in God’s hands. I would like to thank Rebecca Meyers for sending me her book to read and review. I recommend this book to everyone. In addition, especially for those who believe there is no hope, and that things will never change in their own lives.

About The Author:
I am married, mother of two and just discovered how much I enjoy writing. Notice, I said writing, not editing or correcting.

I love to cook (I am a creole cook not too much cajun cooking) and make crafts when possible. Love my church and Jesus. I am so thankful that I know Him.

I'm originally from New Orleans, LA grew up in main stream NO until I was 14 then moved to Metairie a little town right outside of New Orleans. Before marrying my sweetie I lived in Slidell, LA for approximately four years until moving to Milton, FL. I miss the New Orleans food, not the crime.

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