Guest Post By William Y. Higgins

8 Keys to Crafting a Summary Statement of God’s Creation for Your Résumé

Do you view your résumé as a description of you as God’s creation? You are uniquely crated by God. It’s important that your résumé reveal what makes you this special person. You’re telling your story, the story of how God put you together and what He’s done in your vocational life.

God has made you both complex and unique, and you need to be able to capitalize on that when writing your résumé. Your skills, abilities, experiences, particular positions, even the companies you’ve worked for are all part of God’s plan. These are all gifts He has given you to help you become all He wants you to be. Do you view your résumé from that perspective?

Summary Statement

This is your opportunity to show God’s uniqueness expressed in you.
Your summary statement spells out what you have that could benefit the employer. This brings value to employers. You need to take a few lines to sell them on your unique qualities, those qualities that will set you apart from other candidates. Your summary statement is a brief description of these qualities and the way God has made and gifted you.

Each topic that follows is a key part of what you need to craft your Summary Statement:

1. Job Target: Your job target is the particular type of position God has built you to fill. If you have two or more very different job targets you’ll want to develop a résumé for each.

2. Your Field: This is a brief one or two word description of the types of positions where you have been able to use the gifts, skills and abilities that God has given you. For example; electrician, telecommunications specialist, aerospace engineer, graphics designer.

3. Character Traits: These describe the unique person you are.

4. Strengths: These include personal strengths that specifically apply to you in a work environment.

5. Functional Areas: These describe the primary areas of responsibility where God has placed you.

6. Drive: This describes what’s most important to you about your job. What drives you in this position? What excites you about the work? What’s the highest goal that you look to be able to accomplish? What do you get passionate about? This is a brief description about why you really enjoy this type of work.

7. Years of Experience: This indicate how many years of experience you have. It’s not a good idea to indicate you have over 15 years of experience in a particular field because of the image that may bring to some reader’s minds. Even if you’re in the more mature years, you want to take care not to inadvertently give an opportunity for age discrimination.

8. Organization/Industry: This indicates the type of organization or industry where God has place you.

After you’ve assembled all the components, ask God to help you weave them together to create a statement for your résumé. This statement showcases the unique person He has made you to be.

God is at work right now on your behalf, and He will use your summary statement to open doors where He would like you to be and where He can best use you. Work on your summary statement with that in mind.

This is an excerpt from Your Road to Damascus: 6 Biblical Secrets for an Effective Job Search. For more information about this book, please go to: http://mindwarepublishing.com/?page_id=914

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