My Review Of Perfect Lies By Jennifer Crow

Crow writes about nine perfect lies we all tend to believe. I know that I identified with a few of them myself, which I believe many of us would. She reveals her truth about these lies, she walks us through her journey of a miraculous recovery, helps us to identify the nine key lies in our own lives, and shares her techniques for overcoming them and finding true freedom instead.

Many of her techniques I do not agree with, but some may have a different view on this. I believe in the Word of God and that is where my true freedom lies, is with God’s Word, prayer and God at the wheel. She offers scriptures to ponder and meditate on at the end of each of these nine lies which is fine, my concern was when she writes that we should meditate on Scripture and use our imagination and we should imagine some image and meditate and pray on it.

For me that is not meditating on Scripture, when I meditate on Scripture I don’t use my imagination to meditate and study and learn what I just read. I renew my mind and soul with the Word of God. I read it daily, study it as in depth as I possibly can. I like to put into action and try to apply what I read to something in my day. I don’t use my imagination as I pray and meditate on God’s Word.

I was given a copy of this by Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my honest un-biased opinion.

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  1. I was concerned about the meditation part as well, but as I was reading, I realized how many pictures my mind held of so many events in my own life. It is in those unhealthy views that God is unable to transform me into the image of himself. I realize I must replace those "pictures" with Godly ones. She doesn't ask us to recreate scripture just to see the Godly image that God desires for us. Whether any of us realize it or not we are constantly creating an image to accompany our thought. I thought Jennifer did a brilliant job or bringing that to the cognitive level to make each of us aware of the potential damage of lies we believe in word and "picture." The Word of God shall always be the source but God also gave us all our senses to experience it. If those images are what bring us into closer relationship with him, who are we to say no?


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