My Review Of Ashes Ashes the Twins Fall Down: Twin Towers, 9/11 By Pauline Hawkins

Where were you on 9/11? What were you doing at the moment you heard about the horrific news of what was happening in our country? I know where I was and exactly what I was doing, and so does Pauline Hawkins.

As she tells us where she was and what she was doing when she heard this horrible news. She tells us of how she felt throughout her day after the attacks and then some. She gives us details of the attacks, she has really done her research, statistics, quotes from the President and his response after the attacks, her research on bin Laden and who he was, her feelings on terrorism, and so much more.

This book was very well thought out before hand, very hard work, research and tears went into this book, it was almost hard to read this book through tears that I shed myself. It made me stop and think about so many things and number one is how the United States has changed since 9/11, we will NEVER forget, ALL Americans were affected by 9/11 there is no doubt about that at all. I recommend this book to everyone, you won't regret it.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author for an honest review. Thank you Pauline for giving me the opportunity to read your book. It was an awesome, but yet heart wrenching read, and so worth it!

About The Author: Pauline L. Hawkins was born in Munson Army Hospital at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas on Easter Sunday. As her mother says, Pauline chose to enter the world in the middle of a tornado, and she has been going strong ever since. Pauline and her two adult sons currently reside in Texas, where she has been in the health insurance industry for almost thirty years, working her way up from the mailroom to corporate management and claims payment.

In 2002, Pauline received her Instructional Design certification, which allows her to create instructor-led and learner-paced training curricula, along with computer-based learning activities and website creation. She has enjoyed the opportunity to exercise her creativity. Pauline has enjoyed writing since she was in high school, and has decided to start sharing her stories. This is her debut book.

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