My Review Of 'Faith And Other Flat Tires: Searching For God On The Rough Road Of Doubt'

Overview: At age twenty-one, Andrea Palpant Dilley stripped the Christian fish decal off her car bumper in a symbolic act of departure from her religious childhood. At twenty-three, she left the church and went searching for refugein the company of men who left her lonely and friends who pushed the boundaries of what she once held sacred.In this deeply personal memoir, Andrea navigates the doubts that plague believers and skeptics alike: Why does a good God allow suffering? Why is God so silent, distant, and uninvolved? And why does the church seem so dysfunctional?Yet amid her skepticism, she begins to ask new questions: Could doubting be a form of faith? Might our doubts be a longing for God that leads to a faith we can ultimately live with?

My Review: After Andrea graduated from college, she left the church for 2 years, because she was tired of church. She also left because of her questions that nobody at the church could answer for her. Such as; “How am I supposed to relate to a God I can't see, touch or hear?” “Why did a good God allow suffering?” “And why is God so silent, distant, and uninvolved?” “Could doubting actually be a form of faith?” “Why couldn't the church answer my doubts?” I have asked these questions myself in my Christian walk, and I believe allot of us have had our doubts.

I found ‘Faith and Other Flat Tires’ to be down to earth honest (from the gut honest), humorous, and very inspiring. I found myself in this book because it is for real honesty from the gut. I have found someone who has actually felt the same way I have felt for years, and the same questions and doubts I have had, I don’t feel all alone in feeling this way now. Dilley actually had the guts to put it out there for the world to read. I recommend this book to all Christians who have had these questions and doubts and have never shared them with anyone in fear that that person or the church may look down on you. I have never shared my doubts in fear that the church will look down on me. I once read in a Max Luccado book that doubt is a form of sin, so I have been sinning for many years if that is the case. Awesome memoir!

This book was sent to me for free by Zondervan in exchange for my review. The opinions are my own.

Click here to download a sample chapter of 'Faith and Other Flat Tires: Searching for God on the Rough Road of Doubt'

About The Author: Andrea Palpant Dilley grew up in Kenya as the daughter of Quaker missionaries and spent the rest of her childhood in the Pacific Northwest. She studied English literature and writing at Whitworth University. Her work as a writer has appeared in Rock and Sling, Geez, and Utne Reader, as well as the anthology Jesus Girls: True Tales of Growing Up Female and Evangelical. Her work as a documentary producer has aired nationally on American Public Television. She lives with her husband and daughter in Austin, Texas.

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