My Big Bottom Blessing Review

Overview:  Imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror right now—completely naked. Can you say that you love who you see? Believe it or not, I can.

Is it really possible to fully love the person you see in the mirror? Teasi Cannon says it’s not only possible but absolutely necessary! It’s time to move beyond obsessing about our backsides or a few misplaced wrinkles. Instead of desiring to change how we look, it’s time to let God change how we see.

Teasi shows you how to stop believing the mirror and start believing Jesus. After years of hating her body—especially the size of her lower half—she shares how an ironic chain of events led to a beautiful untangling of understanding and hope. She discovered that even when inner voices raise a chorus of criticism and discouragement, the truth—and plenty of humor—heals the heart and sets the spirit free.

Whatever it is that you despise most about yourself (it doesn’t have to be weight) can become the catalyst for serious life change. My Big Bottom Blessing is a joyful, compassionate, and wise guide from someone who knows the power of exchanging the limitations of body image for the liberty of knowing that a woman is beautifully made in the image of God. 

My Review:  This book is full of some awesome resources. It was like sitting down and talking with a friend, the kind of friend that tells it like it is.  There are discussion questions at the end of each chapter which I really enjoyed. You could use these for your personal journaling or they can be used for your church group. There is also a prayer at the end of each chapter. I liked the prayers because they felt like my own prayers. Each chapter also has Bible verses for reflection, which I always enjoy in any book.

Whether it is your weight or some other aspect of your body, Teasi Cannon has sweetly shown that God loves you just as you are. I would recommend this book to anyone who looks in the mirror and dislikes their body and wants to make a change from hating what you see to looking in the mirror and liking what you see.  This book was provided to me for review compliments of Worthy Publishing in exchange for my opinion.

Click here to downlaod a sample chapter from 'My Big Bottom Blessing'

About the Author

Teasi Cannon Teasi (pronounced Tee See) is married to her best friend, Bill Cannon, and they have three awesome children: Carli, Ben, and Sam. Teasi has a master’s degree in pastoral counseling from Liberty Theological Seminary, and is a sought-after speaker who loves to help women remember who they are in Christ.

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  1. It’s been said that real change happens when we become aware of the negative self-talk in our heads, and replace it with positive messages. This book takes it a step further, offering an honest look at one woman’s struggles with weight and body image. But rather than just “thinking positive,” she became deeply aware of God’s love for her. Powerful!


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