God Loves Broken People: And Those Who Pretend They're Not By Sheila Walsh

The other side of brokenness

"If I could write only one book in my lifetime, I would ask God to make it this one, the very book you now hold in your hands. . . ."―Sheila Walsh

God loves broken people. And when weary, wounded men and women find a way to open their bruised hearts and somehow welcome Him into their personal darkness, they will find a love beyond anything they have ever known.

When the glass house Sheila had lived in for so many years came crashing to the ground, she began a new life outside the safety of those walls. No, it didn't feel good, nor safe―not at all. But it felt true. Sheila saw herself as a broken lamb limping after the Shepherd, not knowing where He was going, but knowing that wherever He went, she wanted to go with Him.

I have read other books by Sheila and I really enjoy her writing. She uses her life experiences in many of her books, as she did this one.
It is always nice to know someone else has suffered and sinned, etc. just as you have. But this book of Sheila's was very different from her other writings that it really turned me off a bit, it was not uplifting nor was it encouraging to me at all.

For instance she writes in one chapter titled 'Fierce Love & Halloween Grace' she writes: "I call this kind of grace 'Halloween grace,' because it wears an unanticipated costume. (Halloween Costumes) don't 'necessarily give any clue to the sort of kid on the inside. Grace can be like that too.'" "But in each case His grace wears a slightly different costume."

This comparison totally turned me off and was very hard for me to swallow. There are many typos in her book as well as repetitive writing with the same point being repeated. The personal narratives were of no use to me either. I felt she left out some very useful bible based advise for the reader.

This was not one of Sheila Walsh's finest books at all, it was not very well thought out, it was very disorganized. I did like some parts of the book, such as chapter 6 was very well written and the sad part is the whole book could be summed up in this chapter.

I don't want to turn anyone off from reading Sheila Walsh's writing's because she has written some wonderful and useful books, this one unfortunately was not one of them I am sorry to say.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers (booksneeze.com) as part of their book review bloggers program.

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