Between Lions And Lambs By N.T. McQueen

Between Lions & Lambs is about a young man whose life to him was nothing but torture starting at a very young age, and in all reality it was. I was absolutely stunned and drawn in all at the same time throughout this whole book, it was a tad bit slow at first, but once you get going it is an eye opening read. It made me take a look at what religion really is and how God actually felt about religion. And it definitely made me take a look at the fact that my faith belongs in God not in man.

Ezekiel Clemens becomes a self-professed evangelist
and builds an enterprise and reputation on lies, booze and prostitutes, while alongside him his longtime friend and publicist Gerald Lambough tries to cover up for all of Ezekiel's transgressions while dealing with his own conscience and conflicted life.

I was captivated with McQueen's writing, as he tells a tale of two very conflicted men with demons who take a journey into hypocrisy, violence, redemption and the ride of a lifetime, literally. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a great novel that you can actually visualize being there as you read it. This is a novel that will suck you right into it and oh what a journey you will have, this is a must read.

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