First of all I just have to say Kristen Billerbeck is one of my all time favorite authors, I love her humor as well as her faith that comes through in her books.

The book has four different authors bringing to life back into Smitten, Vt. which had become a dying town. The lumber mill had closed and with no hope of another industry taking its place, leaving the townspeople thinking there is no hope for Smitten. Four friends come up with a plan to turn Smitten, VT into a honeymoon destination.

Four awesome authors write a quarter of the book, and they are individually focusing on one of the four characters in the story. Each story is intertwined with the other, the four sections give you a better picture of the four best friends. And little do they know their own lives will be touched by a love of their own

I really enjoyed this book and would read it again, these ladies really pulled this off, four different authors pulling together an amazing story of romance and bringing a small town of Smitten, Vt. Into your world, even for a short time. Sit back in a quiet place and let them take you into their story of Smitten, love and bringing a town and their residents back to life.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers (booksneeze.com) as part of their book review bloggers program. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's Guidelines.

Thank You For Stopping By!

Thank You For Stopping By!


  1. I haven't heard of her - thanks for posting

  2. Your welcome Ann, they are all awesome but I love Kristen.

    Have a wonderful day :)


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