Mystically Wired By Ken Wilson

This book was a bit out of left field for me, I did not care for it much at all.

For instance in the beginning of the book I found it to be quite confusing. I am not a very science oriented thinker to begin with, so some chapters were hard to comprehend. I am a not a very mature Christian so it was hard for me to follow quite a bit of this book.
This book relies on a lot of scientific data and extreme experiences to draw the conclusion that our brains are designed to pray to God.

I started to think that the author was "a little out there" and really did not even want to finish the book but I did. I found it to be somewhat wordy, at times, to get to a simple point. It was almost as if you needed a summary of each chapter to understand what you just read. I wanted to read this book because I really need to focus more on my prayer life, such as 'how to' pray as well as just plain praying in itself. For me this book was not very helpful, and I found it quite difficult to read. I guess to each there own.

You can purchase this book here.

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