Time To Say Goodbye

To all my wonderful friends that have followed me, and shared things with me, etc. I am no longer reviewing books or doing book tours, so I am closing this blog down. But.....

There is some good news I am going to be starting a whole new blog and this one is going to for downloading free Kindle books, book news, Author news, and just different things that I want to share with ya all! YIPPEE, lol! 

My new home will be at:

I do hope once I get going on it and start adding to it that you will come and visit me and say hello. Now I am not even all set up yet, but it would be awesome if you would bookmark it or however you want to keep it handy (if you do that is). I really hope once I am up you will drop by and say hi.

God bless you all and thank you ALL for the many years of love and support you have given me.